Newark Earthworks 2005 Moonrise.  Image Courtesy of Timothy E. Black.
Newark Earthworks 2005 Moonrise.
Image Courtesy of Timothy E. Black.

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The Newark Earthworks Center (NEC) is an interdisciplinary academic center of the Ohio State University that develops projects and research about the American Indian cultures that produced the monumental Midwestern earthen architecture in order to advance understanding of the cultural and scientific achievements of American Indians to the world. The NEC's projects emphasize American Indian knowledge of the earthworks landscape in the Ohio River Valley, from human settlement until the present.

Since 2008, the NEC has successfully initiated strategies to inform Ohio citizens about brilliant ancient Indigenous earthen architecture and contemporary American Indian issues. The center supports tribal governments' self-determination and cultural sovereignty in their essential roles relating to the preservation, interpretation, and stewardship of pre-contact and historic Indigenous places within their ancestral lands. The NEC seeks to develop respectful reciprocal, sustainable relationships between American Indian tribal governments and Ohio State University faculty, staff, and students to identify research and project goals.

We have been fortunate enough to host several tribal governmental visits by the Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma, Pokagon Band of Potawatomi, Wyandotte Nation, as well as Native artists and writers, and faculty throughout our history.

The Newark Earthworks: Enduring Monuments, Contested Meanings (edited by Dr. Lindsay Jones and Dr. Richard Shiels, University of Virginia Press, 2016) came from our first-ever symposium where leading scholars of ancient sites turned their expertise to the Newark Earthworks and demonstrates the NEC's commitment to bringing multidisciplinary perspectives to Ohio's narratives.

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