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April 24, 2018: Faculty Talks Outside the Box
Why Does Latin American History Matter?

So much information—and misinformation—floods our airwaves daily that the historical roots of contemporary problems are easily lost. This is why historians like Dr. Alcira Dueñas, associate professor of Latin American history, struggle to restore their field to the service of truth, peace, and humanity. This talk will demonstrate why history matters by discussing how a historical perspective on current events involving Latin America is crucial in order to avoid distortions rendered as truth. These distortions devalue the public discourse and mislead news consumers. Without an understanding of past relations, it is impossible for the public to make the best decisions for future ties between our nation and the rest of the hemisphere.

11-12 PM
Free and Open to the Public.

Room 264, 
The Ohio State University at Newark, 
1179 University Dr, 
Newark, OH 43055

For more information, visit: http://newark.osu.edu/events/ .

Earn your Diversity, Intercultural and 
Community Engagement Certificate 
in Three Easy Steps!

Your D.I.C.E. Card Social Justice Engagement

The Diversity, Intercultural and Community Engagement Certificate Program (DICE) is a certificate earning program hosted by the Multicultural Center for all students interested in enhancing their Ohio State experience through co-curricular involvement focused on diversity, social justice, service and leadership. Read more about how to earn this certificate here or contact Stephen Deaderick at deaderick.3@osu.edu with questions.

Pattern Thinking: Australian Aboriginal Art from the Collection 
of Tom and Cynthia Schneider with Contributions by Nancy Crow, 
Anne Keener and Maija Miettinen
July 17,2018 - September 22, 2018.

Admission is free and open to the public for all events.

Walkthroughs with Curator Anne Keener
Tuesday, July 17 | 2 PM
Saturday, September 8 | 4 PM

Reception Saturday, September 8 | 5-7 PM

"Pattern Thinking: Australian Aboriginal Art from the Collection of Tom and Cynthia Schneider with Contributions by Nancy Crow, Anne Keener and Maija Miettinen brings together artworks created by Indigenous Australian artists and United States-based artists to offer an in-depth look at the history, development, influences, and impacts of Australian Aboriginal art. The exhibition is curated by scholar and artist Anne Keener.

Keener says, “Contemporary Australian Aboriginal art is one of the most significant art movements of the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The Indigenous Australian paintings express stories of patterns of interrelation of the forces of all of life laid down by creator beings. Indigenous Australian people are the custodians of the land to which they belong and have been influential in repealing the doctrine of terra nullius in Australia and winning the right to live on their traditional lands.”

Presenting an umbrella under which the contributing artists can enter a cross-cultural dialogue, the exhibition features work by such artists as Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, one of the founders of the Western Desert Art Movement; Nancy Crow; Maija Miettinen; Minnie Pwerle; and more."

For more information, visit the Urban Arts Space.
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