Monday, July 1, 2013

July 2013 Newark Earthworks Center Events

Newark Earthworks, Octagon

July 8-12: Ancient Ohio Day Camps- American Indian Daily Living.

The Newark Earthworks Center is offering one-week Day Camps at the Great Circle and Flint Ridge.

Ages: 6-8 years old.
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, July 3.
Cost: $100
Time: 9 am- Noon
Join us & learn about the everyday life of American Indians living in this area 2,000 years ago. We will step into their shoes & learn how to knap a point from flint, make a clay effigy, use an ancient tool called a pumpdrill, play games that connect us to the land, & much more. Come experience Ancient Ohio this summer & form a bond with the land & the American Indians who called this beautiful part of Ohio home.

July 15-19: Ancient Ohio Day Camps- Fantastic Flint.

Ages: 9-14 years old.
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, July 10.
Cost: $165
Time: 9 am- 3 pm
Let's delve into ancient Ohian's lives by spending the week at Flint Ridge State Memorial Park, a place that was essential for the American Indian's survival 2,000 years ago. We will learn all about flint, how it was formed, & its properties; as well as about the American Indians who used this precious stone. Each day we will spend time learning the ancient skill of flint knapping ( shaping a piece of flint into a tool), creating fire using flint & steel, & playing games that connect us to the land. By the end of the week you will have a new respect for American Indians & for flint.

Tours of the Great Circle Earthworks and Flint Ridge.
The Newark Earthworks Center employs four trained tour guides (two certified teachers & two Native Americans) who give tours for K-12 classes & other groups.
Admission is $5 per person except for teachers & aids.
Approximately 2, 500 school children participate each year.
For more information visit our Ancient Ohio Experience page or email us.
 Call 740-345-8224 to schedule a tour.
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