Friday, September 6, 2013

OHS Archaeology Curator is Science Guest of Honor at Context 26

Dr. Bradley Lepper is to be the Science Guest of Honor for Context 26 convention at the Holiday Inn in Worthington

He is planning on presenting at several panels "but the dates and times are tentative, because as of [Wednesday, September 4] the schedule had yet to be finalized:

Ohio’s Ancient Hopewell Earthworks: UNESCO World Heritage Inscription Coming Soon to 7 Ohio sites? 
Friday night, 6:00 pm

Ancient Astronauts and Lost Civilizations: bull$#!& about our ancient past and why you should care. 
Saturday morning, 10:00 am

CSI Ohio – 11,000 BC: How we know what we know about the ancient past. 
Saturday afternoon, 1:00 pm

Whether or not you’re a fan of speculative fiction, there should be something for everyone at Context 26
According to the website, “if you enjoy manga, anime, science fiction, fantasy, or horror, you’ll find plenty to entertain you at this convention.”
 And, at least this year, there will be something for fans of archaeology!" 

For more information visit his post at the Ohio Historical Society Archaeology Blog.
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