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Native Americans in the Midwest

Native Americans in the Midwest

Native Americans in the Midwest

Bridging Cultures at Community Colleges

"Native Americans in the Midwest: Bridging Cultures at Community Colleges is a cooperative agreement with the National Endowment of the Humanities for a three-year faculty and curriculum development project for thirty-six community college faculty on the history of Midwestern Native American tribes. The project works with faculty and academic administrators to increase their knowledge of existing research and scholarship on the history Ohio’s Ten Historic Tribes and their removal; introduce faculty to contemporary Native American cultural experiences; and facilitate a community of learning and research through course development and enhancement.
Noting that the removal of Midwestern Native Americans is not as well known or studied as the southern Trail of Tears, the Ohio Historical Society (OHS), in partnership with Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College, provides rich content and experiences for community college faculty and administrators in states that are in those tribes’ Removal Region, the region through which they traveled and were resettled during the period of Indian removal, including Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Faculty participates in a series of conferences and webinars designed to help them include the history and cultures of these groups in their courses."

"The first year of BCCC-NAM will focus on the brief fifty-six year period between 1774 and 1815 during which Ohio would serve as a laboratory for the new American government to experiment with policies, treaties, and relocation strategies that would reverberate through all future dealings with Native American people."

  • Accounts of Money Expended for the Use and Support of the Wyandotte Nation
  • Blue Jacket Illustration from Butler County: An Illustrated History
  • Excerpt from The Indian in Ohio
  • Guide to the Painting "The Signing of the Treaty of Greene Ville"
  • Indian Mission Report, Sagana Mission
  • To the Bishops & Members of the Ohio Annual Conference, Sept. 19, 1832
  • Wyandot Mission Exterior and Interior Photograph

  • Overview of the 10 Historic Tribes of Ohio
    • Randall Buchman
  • Treaties and Conflicts in Ohio: Territory to Statehood
    • Dr. John Bowes
  • History of the Wyandot in Ohio
    • Dr. Randall Buchman
  • History of the Seneca-Cayuga in Ohio
    • Dr. John Bowes
  • Using Native American History in Online Courses
    • Dr. Linda Sue Warner
  • History of the Shawnee in Ohio
    • Dr. Steve Warren
  • History of the Miami in Ohio
    • Dr. Melissa Rinehart
  • Infusing Native American History into your American History Survey Class
    • Dr. Linda Sue Warner
  • History of the Delaware in Ohio
    • Dr. Dawn Marsh
  • Responsible Research with Native People Panel Discussion
    • Dr. Sharon Dean, Dr. Matthew Courser, and Dr. Linda Sue Warner
  • History of the Peoria and Ottawa
    • Dr. Sharon Dean

Removal of the Ten Historic Tribes
"The second year of the grant will examine how these [removal] stories changed tribal members and the communities through which they passed."

Tribal Dynamics Today
"Year three examines tribal dynamics today and efforts to preserve and reclaim history, language, and culture. This current perspective provides an understanding of Native Americans on tribal lands and in the diaspora and encourages a more fully-formed view of Native American History specifically, and American History in general."

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