Thursday, December 12, 2013

Long Shadows Over the Valley: Findings from ASC Group's Excavations at Serpent Mound State Memorial

Squire & Davis Print of the Serpent Mound State Memorial

September, 13, 2013

Daniel Weintraub & Kevin R. Schwarz have written an informative paper about their recent excavations at Serpent Mound State Memorial.

"In 2011, ASC Group, Inc. (ASC), a Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, conducted excavations of an area southeast of Serpent Mound and in close proximity to a large conical mound. Headed by principal investigator Kevin Schwarz, the dig represented one of just a handful of archaeological investigations at Serpent Mound State Memorial since Harvard’s Frederic Ward Putnam conducted the initial excavations at Serpent Mound in the late 1880s."

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