Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mound Street Mound Was One of Many

November 20, 2013

Ed Lentz, of, wrote an informative article about prehistoric Native American cultures in Ohio, particularly on the historical mound sites which used to be a part of Columbus. 

"For several thousand years before the current era, prehistoric Native American people made their homes in the country north and west of the Ohio River. The earliest of these people were largely nomadic hunters and gatherers. They left few traces of a permanent presence behind as they followed the large animal herds that roamed what is now Ohio.....The largest mound in what is now downtown Columbus was on the east side of the Scioto River. In 1892, James Linn Rogers wrote an account of that mound and of its fate. "One of the most pretentious mounds in the county was that which formerly occupied the crowning point of the highland on the eastern side of the Scioto River ... on the southeast corner of High and Mound Streets, in Columbus." "-Ed Lentz,

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