Thursday, January 9, 2014

Living Landscape Observer Features the Ancient Ohio Trail

The Living Landscape Observer has featured The Ancient Ohio Trail as its December 2013 Featured Area of Interest.

"Southern Ohio presents one of the largest concentrations of American Indian monumental earthworks in the world, including vast geometric figures, hilltop enclosures, and animal effigies. Many of these monuments can be visited today, still evident among the historic small towns and back roads of the region. These massive works of architecture are the legacies of varied Native cultures, constructed between 5 and 25 centuries ago. The scale and sophistication of the earthworks, spread out over hundreds of miles, makes the resource very challenging to interpret to residents and visitors
To tell this story on a landscape scale, the owners and interpreters of these sites have developed the Ancient Ohio Trail . This heritage tourism initiative links together the major sites of the earthworks and provides a content rich web site of maps, photographs and computer reconstructions that bring to life each of these complex landscapes."

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