Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014 OSU-N Undergraduate History Conference

Join us at the OSU-N's Undergraduate History Conference!

9 AM - 12.30 PM

9.00-10.00 AM: Session I
  • Room 141: The Changing Currents of the 1960's
  • Room 143: Pre-Colonial and Colonial Latin American Cultures: Art, Writing, Sexuality, and the Jews
    • Maya Writing Through Time: The Dresden Codex, Maya Codices
    • In Between Worlds: Cultural Change of Mesoamericans under Spanish Rule 
  • Room 153: Constitutions in American History
10.15-11.15 AM: Session II
  • Room 141: Tales from Turtle Island (Panel A)
    • Entheogens and Hopewell People
    • Reservation Education: Boarding Schools to Public Schools
    • Passing the Pipe: American Indian Tobacco Use
  • Room 143: Antebellum America
  • Room 153: The Cuban Missile Crisis
11.30-12.30: Session III
  • Room 141: Tales from Turtle Island (Panel B)
    • A Pan-American Indian State
    • Donehogawa: An American Indian in the Civil War
    • American Indian Studies Student Club at OSU-N
  • Room 143: Leisure Time in America
  • Room 153: Class-Sourced Digital History Projects
12.30: Lunch, Room 125 G
To see the full program, click here.

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