Monday, April 14, 2014

OSU Student Adventures in Collections: Part 3

March 26, 2014.
Lauren Hammersmith, an Anthropology student at the Ohio State University, has written an interesting continuation of her previous guest post on the Ohio Historical Society Archaeology Blog, about her experiences in Dr. Deanna Grimstead's archaeological laboratory methods course. 

"The last few classes I have been doing lithic analysis, which is something I have never done (only learned about).  Because of this, it has taken me awhile to get the hang of sorting the artifacts.  In figure A, I took a picture of the form we have been using to analyze the lithics. Basically we sort the artifacts into debitage (shatter), flakes, cores, and formal tools.  My assemblage has been mostly flakes and shatter, but sometimes I have had a lot of difficulty telling the difference between the two."

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