Friday, April 18, 2014

Public History BA to MA Degrees at the Ohio State University

Department of History, Public History BA/MA Degree

The Ohio State University is now offering a combined BA/MA in public history, in other words it is a degree centered around "any of the ways in which academically trained historians work and engage with a wider public. Sometimes this means work in libraries, archives and museums. But public historians work in the private sector, the non-profit world and in government at the local, state and national levels."

Those Eligible Include Those Who:
  • have completed, or are taking, at least 18 semester credit hours of history courses 
  • have completed, or are taking, History 2800
  • have completed, or are taking, a 4000-level Readings in History seminar
  • have a cumulative GPA in Ohio State courses of at least 3.50

Requirements for the Combined BA/MA:
  • Students must fulfill all of the requirements for the History BA Major, 33 semester credit hours.
  • Students will then be required to complete 30 semester credit hours of graduate coursework for the MA in addition to the coursework required for the BA.
  • Up to 12 hours of graduate coursework can "overlap" and be counted simultaneously toward the requirements for the BA and MA.

Application Check List
*Note: Application Deadline for this Year has already passed*
  • Cover Form
  • 500 word statement of purpose
  • Transcript
  • Writing sample
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Completed Graduate School Online Application
    • remember to fill out the Combined Degree Form

For more information contact Professor Steven Conn, 
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