Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Virtual Museum of Canada

"As an endless source of discoveries, virtualmuseum.ca is a unique interactive space that brings together Canadian museum collections and riches in a variety of thought-provoking and instructive contents. It’s the window on current museum news and the reference guide to planning an outing."

"find museum collections from such fields as archaeology, decorative arts, fine arts, ethnology and history. Artefacts Canada - Humanities includes close to 4 million object records and 800,000 images from hundreds of museums across the country. It is used by national and international audiences to research and discover the fascinating world of Canadian cultural collections."

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    • "All Public Lessons-Lessons contributed by schools or museums"
    • Les Iroquoiens
    • 4 Iroquois Kings Visit London
    • The Voice of First Nations Contemporary Art
    • Making Music- An Expression of Culture
    • Astronomy and Indigenous Cultures
  • virtualmuseum.ca Newsletter

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