Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Experts' Corner: Image Researching; Library of Congress Magazine

Athena Angelos. Photo courtesy of Shealah Craighead
and the Library of Congress Blog
March-April 2014.
Athena Angelos, of the Library of Congress, has written an informative but brief article about her experiences as an image researcher for the Library of Congress. Athena Angelos answers how she prepared for a career in image research, her research process and projects within the Library of Congress, and how technology developments have impacted her career.
The full article can be found on the Library of Congress Blog, here;
 or in the Library of Congress Magazine (Vol. 3 No. 2), which can be found here.

Library of Congress Magazine

"published bimonthly to tell the Library’s stories, to showcase its many talented staff, 
and to share and promote the use of the resources of the world’s largest library."

  • January- February: Preserving America's Voices
    • Preserving America's Voices: Who's Listening?
      • How Can We Use Oral- History Collections to Better Understand Ourselves and Our World?
    • Experts' Corner- Elizabeth Peterson
      • American Folklife Center Director Elizabeth Peterson Discusses Trends and Challenges in Oral-History Collection, Preservation and Access.
    • Rare 18th Century Maps of North America on Display
  • March - April: America At Play
    • Experts' Corner- Athena Angelos
      • Image Researcher for Many Library of Congress Publications, Discusses The Process of Visual Reference Work.
    • My Job At The Library- Cheryl Fox
      • Providing Access to The Library's Historical Memory is the Job of Cheryl Fox, The Library of Congress Archivist.
    • Researching Your Family Tree
    • Miguel Leόn-Portilla Receives Living Legend Award
  • May - June: CRS at 100
    • CRS at 100- Informing the Legislative Debate Since 1914.
      • The centennial of the Congressional Research Service is a time to look back on its history and ahead to serving a 21-st century Congress.
  • January- February: Presidential Precedents
  • March - April: Supporting Congress
  • May - June: A Cabinet of Gold
  • July - August: A Year Like No Other, 1963
  • September - October: Back to Class--- Back to Books; Back to School
  • September - October: Then & Now, The Library of Congress
  • November - December: The Civil War in America
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