Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Ohio Historical Society Distance Learning

Mound Building Cultures Promotional Video from OHS Distance Learning on Vimeo.

"The Ohio Historical Society is home to one of the nation’s premiere providers of Distance Learning content.  Our award-winning program offers interactive, informative and engaging experiences that bring history to life while reinforcing the importance of the past with real-life experiences.

Our catalog of more than 20 live, interactive programs cover everything from Ohio’s geologic history and prehistoric Native American cultures through the Civil War and into the issues facing our country today.  Formats vary from game show formats like our “So You Know” series, to first-person interpretation and question-and-answer sessions with experts in the field, and each show is customizable to the age and content standards needed to reinforce learning in a unique, fun way."
call (800) 640-7679, or email the Distance Learning Program at dl@ohiohistory.org.

Their Programs Include:
  • Ask the Archaeologist
    • "The staff and professionals of the Ohio Historical Society are at your disposal in this interactive, question/answer presentation.  Spend time talking with a member of our Archaeology staff about the science of archaeology, recent discoveries and conclusions, and a day in the life of an archaeologist."
  • Mound Building Cultures
    • "Explore the mound building cultures of ancient Ohio in this presentation hosted by Dr. Bradley Lepper, Curator of Archaeology for the Ohio Historical Society.  Students will learn about the various types of mounds, how mounds were built, why mounds may have been built, what daily life might have been like as a member of these cultures, and how these cultures evolved as they experience a virtual tour of various mound sites in Ohio and across the nation."
  • Picture This: Interpreting the Past with Photographs
    • "Students interact with an archivist as they learn to interpret and analyze photographs stored in the Ohio Historical Society's photographic collection"
  • Pieces of the Past: Introduction to Primary Sources
    • "In this program students will learn the difference between primary and secondary sources and be able to distinguish between the two.  A museum curator hosts the program and provides real-life examples of primary sources.  In addition, the students will visit curators in our archives, our collections facility and our sites to learn more about the variety of primary sources including archival material (newspapers, photographs, scrapbooks), collections items  (historic Civil War battle flags) and sites (prehistoric earthworks and artifacts)."
  • Show Me, Tell Me: The Impact Europeans Had on American Indians
    • "This presentation looks at American Indians and their transition from the prehistoric period to the historic period (European Contact) around AD 1650 - 1700."
  • So You Know Ohio?
    • "This highly interactive game show tests your students’ knowledge of Ohio history through 10 different categories, and is customizable to meet grade-level curricula and content standards."
  • You Can Make History: How Do We Get There?
    • "we’ll explore the circumstances that lead Arbuckle’s family to move to Ohio. We’ll discuss the different forms of transportation used to make their journey from the East Coast and the challenges that accompanied cross-country travel during those days."
  • You Can Make History: What Shall I Do Today?
    • "students will explore daily frontier life, gender roles, chores and responsibilities, along with leisure time activities."

Show Me, Tell Me About When Cultures Meet: The Impact Europeans Had On American Indians Promotional Video from OHS Distance Learning on Vimeo.
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