Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, & Museums, ATALM

Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, & Museums

"an international non-profit organization that maintains a network of support for indigenous programs, provides culturally relevant programming and services, encourages collaboration among tribal and non-tribal cultural institutions, and articulates contemporary issues related to developing and sustaining the cultural sovereignty of Native Nations."

Mission Goals
  • Raise public awareness of the contributions and needs of indigenous cultural institutions through its international network of partners, both indigenous and non-indigenous;
  • Provide culturally responsive services and programs through regional and national training events, web resources, and individual consultations;
  • Partner with national organizations that provide training and services related to archives, libraries, and museums to incorporate indigenous perspectives into programs and services; and
  • Serve as an advocate for indigenous cultural institutions with tribal leaders, funders, and government officials.
  • Sustaining Indigenous Cultures Report: The Structure, Activities, & Needs of Tribal Archives, Libraries, & Museums (2012)
  • GAO Smithsonian Repatriation Report (2011)
  • Keepers of the Treasure- Protecting Historic Properties and Cultural Traditions on Indian Lands (1990)
  • Leadership Development in the Native Arts and Culture Sector (2008)
  • Pathways to Excellence- A Report on Improving Library and Information Services for Native American Peoples (1992)
  • Protocols for Native American Archival Materials (2007)
  • Tribal Museums in America
  • White House Tribal Nations Report (2010)
  • United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (2007)
2014 Conferences
  • International Conference of Indigenous Archives, Libraries, & Museums 
    • June 9-15
    • 'inspire work in recognizing the importance of Native voices in "postcolonial" America and provide information and knowledge useful in your own communities and institutions.'
    • Program
  • Greater Than the Sum of Our Parts AASLH/ATALM Annual Meeting
    • September 17-20
    • "will feature ATALM-sponsored programs that are intended to build bridges between tribal and non-tribal organizations. "
    • Intends to Address:
      • Successful collaborations between tribal and non-tribal organizations
      • Lessons learned from disappointing partnerships
      • Keys to building strategic networks among others in your communities
      • Indigenous ways of knowing that will help non-tribal organizations deal authentically with collections and interpretation
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