Monday, August 18, 2014

Adobe Typekit Introduces Cherokee Font

The subscription font service Adobe Typekit has released its first Native American font, Phoreus Cherokee.  Font designer Mark Jamra was inspired by a speech given by representatives from the Language Technology Office of the Cherokee Nation about the need to integrate native languages with modern technology.  Jamra studied manuscripts provided by the Cherokee Nation and the Smithsonian Institution to develop the font.

“A key component of any language preservation effort is the degree to which one can successfully teach it to children, and influence young people to continue everyday use. Adoption by succeeding generations is critical. To help with this, Mark focused particular attention on making the glyphs distinct and uncomplicated. This resulted in type which is not only easier to read and learn, but also in a typeface with traditional Latin forms that are beautiful in their own right, and can stand on their own. We can’t stress enough that one does not need to speak or write Cherokee to get value out of these fonts.”

Read the full article onThe Typekit Blog. 

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