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College Students Research Prophetstown & Canoe Through History

Mark Ressl and Karl Sculz.  Image Courtesy of Darke County News Online.
Mark Ressl and Karl Sculz.
Image Courtesy of Darke County News Online
June 2013.
Bob Robinson, of Darke County News Online, has written an interesting article about Mark Ressl and Karl Schulz's research into the historical origin of the correct location for Prophetstown.

" “I first had an interest in The Prophet when I visited Prophetstown in Indiana,” Ressl said. “I saw what I felt were possible inconsistencies… things that didn’t seem right (in the depiction of the early settlement).” He noted some of the ways in which the structures were built, that the area seemed more for political rallies and camping.
He didn’t realize it at the time but the Indiana location wasn’t the first Prophetstown. The first was in Greenville."

To read the full article, click here.

June 19, 2013.
Jennifer Archibald, of the Carroll County Comet, also wrote an article about the two architect students from New York who were following "the trail that Shawnee leader Tecumseh and his brother, the Prophet, led from their village in Ohio to a new settlement in Indiana."

"They walked from Greenville, Ohio, the site of Tecumseh’s and the Prophet’s first Prophetstown village, to Deerfield, Ind. It was there, at the headwaters of the Mississinewa River, that the Shawnees began their river journey, and where Mark and Karl began theirs.

The students’ journey from Ohio to Battle Ground, Ind., went through eight counties. After Darke County in Ohio, the route went through Randolph, Delaware, Grant, Miami, Cass, Carroll, and Tippecanoe counties in Indiana."

February 2014.
The 2014 Menschel Exhibition, hosted by 
presented the award winners for the 2013 Benjamin Menschel Fellowship Program 
in which "students compete for this prestigious award by submitting proposals to a panel of judges. 
The students then work over the summer on their independent research, often in far flung places."

A summary of Tecumseh and the Prophet's Trail: Reconnecting Routes 
by Karl Schulz & Mark Ressl can be found 

For more information about Tecumseh and the Prophet, 
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