Wednesday, September 10, 2014

OSU Archaeological Field School in Dublin, OH

Ohio State University students are shown above in WOSU TV's documentary
 on Columbus Neighborhoods: Clintonville. 
April 2014.
The Ohio State University Department of Anthropology's archaeology field school teaches students  how to be responsible archaeologists in the field and how to discover history left behind on the land. The video above documents the students' efforts in cultural resource management before a potential road extension is constructed.

To view the full documentary, click here.

What is Cultural Resource Management?
"Cultural resource management (CRM) refers to the processes and procedures used to manage, preserve, protect, and conserve cultural resources in compliance with state and federal regulations. Each year a wealth of archaeological data are generated through CRM in efforts to prevent the loss of information from an untold number of archaeological sites, architecture, landscapes, and other cultural resources. A number of state and federal laws mandate CRM projects. These laws require identification and recording of cultural resources that are potentially eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places, before impact by construction projects funded or licensed by federal and/or state agencies."
- New York State Museum.

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