Thursday, December 11, 2014

Reservoir Could Threaten Great Mound

Image Courtesy of John P. Cleary and The Herald Bulletin.

November 14, 2014.
Ken de la Bastide, of The Herald Bulletin, has written a short article about the possible damage the proposed Mounds Lake reservoir could do to historic sites within Mounds State Park, Indiana.

"The Anderson Mounds are listed in the National Register and represent one of the best preserved earthwork sites in Indiana, the council said in a statement. This site was a place of ceremonial and ritual significance to the Native American builders. The site contains burials from that era, and it is of immeasurable importance to recognizing the cultural heritage of central Indiana.

There are many other archaeological sites, both known and yet to be discovered, within the lake footprint including many of Native American habitations and burial sites, Delaware villages, the Moravian mission site..."

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