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The Charles Aubrey and Patricia Anderson Buser Collection

"The Buser collection in its original physical state, which is now held by the Wyandotte Nation in Oklahoma, consists of 13 boxes of photocopies, notes, books, pamphlets, government documents, clippings, audio recordings, and a great deal of personal correspondence. The finding aids maintain the order in which the collection came to us for scanning, and thus they are divided into box and folder categories, arranged in two main alphabetical sequences that seem to reflect the contents of two separate filing locations rather than a clear categorical division. Additional binders and boxes of note cards were used to track historical events and form the beginning of a dictionary. The collection contains a wealth of information that will be an essential research resource for historians, linguists and genealogists. The contents are of value for researching the history of the Wyandotte people in general, and individual families in particular. [Charles Aubrey] Buser, who also documented cultural practices and details about clothing design, was at times consulted by the Wyandotte because of the extent of his knowledge in these areas. Buser's handwritten language materials are the most readily available, as they may be retrieved directly via links in the finding aids for box 5."

All digitized files are available on DVDs (Box 14); 
these may be used  in the Special Collections Reading Room. 
Each box has an itemized inventory list
 which can be found by clicking on the links below 

Box 1: Folders "Abenaki" through "DeWeese".
Box 2: Folders "Estill" through "Michigan".
Box 3: Folders "Migrations" through "Steckley, John".
Box 4: Folders "Tecumseh" through "Zane".
Box 5: list a: Bibliography note cards, list b: Chronology note cards- no date through 1768, list c: Chronology II note cards- 1770-1817, list d: Chronology III note cards- 1818-1980.
Box 6: Notes arranged alphabetically or chronologically, held in binders and folders but related to the note cards.
Box 7: Folders "Abenaki" through "Long".
Box 8: Folders "McQuistion" through "Zane".
Box 9: Folders 1-44: Wyandot Roll 1763-1956.
Box 10: Wyandot Language folders 1-5.
Box 11: Audiotapes.
Box 13: Vocabulary note cards.
Box 14: Digitized files on DVDs.

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