Thursday, January 15, 2015

History Department Grants for Research & Study Abroad

Department of History
Applications and supporting materials must be submitted to the History Department 
no later than February 20, 2015.

Honors Thesis Research

"The History Department will consider applications from students in any geographical, chronological, or thematic subfield of the historical discipline. Our overriding criteria in selecting grant recipients will be the quality of the applicant’s research project, the feasibility of the research proposed, and the appropriateness of the activities and materials for which funding is requested.

The History Department anticipates making individual awards ranging from a minimum of $750 to a maximum of $5,000 each. Amounts requested may vary widely depending on the needs of particular research projects. Projects requiring visits to research collections abroad, for example, will almost certainly require larger outlays of funds than projects that can be researched entirely in Columbus or even within the U.S."

"The History Department invites applications from History majors who have applied to existing study abroad programs approved by the Office of International Affairs. These grants are intended to supplement funding that the student has already received to attend the study abroad program in question. They may also be used as the major or sole source of funding if funding cannot be obtained from the study abroad program itself or from other sources.

The History Department will consider applications from students applying to recognized study abroad programs anywhere in the world, from Canada to Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe (including Russia), the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, East Asia, and Australia/New Zealand. The History Department will give preference to programs that (a) provide training in a language related to the student’s program of study and/or career goals, and/or (b) contain a historical component."

"The Department of History offers several scholarships for undergraduate students on the basis of merit and financial need. As you prepare the applications, please read the attached materials carefully and follow the instructions as closely as possible. Electronic submission of applications and letters of nomination/recommendation is encouraged."

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Undergraduate Research Scholar Applications
 are awarded each month!
The next application deadline is February 1st.

"Are you interested in pursuing a faculty-supervised research or creative activity? 
If so, you may apply to be selected as an Undergraduate Research Scholar and receive $1000* to embark on your research or creative adventure. The Office of Undergraduate Education, in partnership with the Undergraduate Research Office, designates up to 300 first-time Undergraduate Research Scholars every year."

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Undergraduate Research Office
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