Thursday, February 5, 2015

10 Things You Should Know About the Cherokee Nation

The Cherokee Syllabary. Image Courtesy of wikimedia and Indian Country Today.
The Cherokee Syllabary
Image Courtesy of wikimedia and Indian Country Today.
January 8, 2015.
Brian Daffron, of Indian Country Today, has written a brief introductory article 
about the Cherokee Nation.

"We embrace technology

The Cherokee Nation not only had a printing press in its own syllabary, but it is also credited with having the first telephone line west of the Mississippi. With today’s growing and ever-changing technology, Cherokee Nation has partnered with Apple, Microsoft and Google to create Cherokee language capabilities with the iPhone, Gmail and Windows 8. Therefore, if you’re scrolling through Facebook or Twitter and see Sequoyah’s writing system in someone’s postings, don’t be surprised. “We also have Cherokee in Braille,” said Tehee."

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