Monday, February 2, 2015

A Win for Indian Country: Native Settlement Saved

December, 20, 2014.
Alysa Landry, of Indian Country Today, has written an informative article about Nashville Metropolitan Council's efforts to preserve a 6.7 acre plot which containts the area's largest intact Mississippian village.

"The village, known as Kellytown, dates to the 1400s and was part of a massive civilization built along a natural sulfur spring....Nashville was settled in the late 1700s, on top of what archaeologists call a thriving metropolis, home to perhaps hundreds of thousands of people belonging to the Mississippian Culture, or mound-builders. The population of ancient Nashville disbursed around 1450—before the arrival of European settlers—but the people left behind dozens of village sites, some larger towns and countless graves."

To read the full articleclick here.

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