Wednesday, February 11, 2015

First Americans Used Spear Throwers to Hunt Large Animals

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January, 28, 2015.
Joseph Castro,of, has written an in-depth article about recent research into the microscopic fractures in Clovis points which empirically proves Paleoindians did utilize spear throwers while hunting.

"But archeological evidence of Paleo-Indian atlatls and darts is lacking because these tools were often made of wood, which doesn't preserve well — the only part of the weapons left in the archaeological record are the stone points, which could have also been used in other types of weapons, such as spears, Hutchings said. In comparison, ancient spear-throwers from Europe were often made of ivory or bone.

The earliest known evidence of Paleo-Indian spear-throwers comes from 11,000-year-old "bannerstones," which are stone objects that may have functioned as atlatl weights, though the true function of bannerstones is debated, Hutchings said."

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