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myaamiaki iši meehtohseeniwiciki: How the Miami People Live

myaamiaki iši meehtohseeniwiciki: How the Miami People Live

"This website is one part of a grant awarded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services to the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. It is intended to give a thorough review of the myaamiaki iši meehtohseeniwiciki exhibition that was housed at the Miami University Art Museum from September 16th to December 13th 2008. You will find a interactive walkthrough of the exhibit as it was, including close up images of most of the objects. Be sure to click the text on the walls for more information on the exhibit, as well as important quotes by Myaamia people. Visit the 'Auditorium' for videos of the opening events, sculpture dedication, and lecture series that happened during the exhibition's run.

Also featured on the website is a browsable list with pictures of each item, a slideshow of images from the opening events, and links to organizations related to this project."

eekootoonkia (Exhibit)
Adobe Flash walkthrough of the individual pieces and installation of the exhibit.

kaakisitoonkia (Preserved Objects)
Searchable by Objects and Quotes with descriptions, date, image, and loaning institution.

atakohkana (Links)

  • Loaning Institutions
    • University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
    • The Lilly Library, Indiana University
    • Indiana Historical Society
    • Garst Museum
    • Tippecanoe County Historical Association
    • George Adams Gallery
    • Kansas City Museum
    • National Museum of the American Indian
    • Cranbrook Institute of Science
    • Wabash County Historical Museum
    • Detroit Institute of Arts
    • Darke County Park District
    • Library of Congress
    • Miami University
    • Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia
    • Chicago History Museum
    • Detroit Historical Society
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