Friday, April 24, 2015

Changing Perceptions and Making Connections—One Map at a Time

Aaron Carapella's maps show original locations of indigenous people
throughout North America, along with tribes' traditional names.
 Image Courtesy of Aaron Carapella and Indian Country Today.
April, 10, 2015.
Alysa Landry, of Indian Country Today, has written an exciting article about a recently completed comprehensive map of the original locations of indigenous people throughout North America along with their traditional names by Aaron Carapella.

"Carapella got serious about his project when he realized so many Native people had never seen themselves represented on a map. He traveled to 250 Native communities and contacted every cultural department in North America, he said.
“I’ve used books, military records, settler documentation and autobiographies,” he said. “On road trips, I get off the highway and visit tribal communities. Everywhere I go, I’m talking to people.” "
-Alysa Landry, Indian Country Today.

To read the full articleclick here.

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