Wednesday, April 15, 2015

History Fund Grant Recipients Announced on Statehood Day, Grant Program Funded through Voluntary Donations by Ohio Taxpayers

March, 5, 2015.
Emmy Beach, of the Ohio History Connection, has written an exciting post about recent recipients of the History Fund. "The History Fund is a competitive matching grants program that is one of four "tax check-off" funds found on Ohio's income tax forms and funded entirely through Ohio taxpayers’ voluntary contributions. “The History Fund helps us share and preserve Ohio’s story by supporting local projects and programs in communities throughout the state,” said Burt Logan, executive director and CEO for the Ohio History Connection. “The work of local history organizations is helping to strengthen our heritage and ensure Ohio’s story is told for years to come.” "

"Wyandot County Historical Society (Upper Sandusky) received $2,945 to create a traveling exhibit about the history of the Wyandot tribe in Ohio, from the formation of the Wendat Confederacy in the 1650s, through the tribe’s time on reservations in Ohio in the early 19th century, to the four Wyandot nations today."

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