Tuesday, May 19, 2015

First Peoples of Canada Virtual Exhibit

First Peoples of Canada: Presenting the history and continuing presence of Aboriginal people in Canada.

"This virtual exhibition looks at some facets of the history of Canada's Aboriginal peoples, underlining their fight for cultural survival and indicating the wealth of their modern-day contributions. It is based largely on information and artifacts presented in the First Peoples Hall of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Neither pretends to be a comprehensive presentation of the history of all the Native groups in Canada. Rather, aspects of cultural identity are explored through four themes: the diversity of Aboriginal cultural expression; how the Aboriginal presence manifests itself within present-day Canada; the adaptation of traditional lifestyles to different environments across Canada; and the impact of the arrival and settlement of Europeans over the last 500 years."

  • Names
  • Languages
  • Population

An Aboriginal Presence

  • We Are Diverse
  • We Are the Land
    • We find the knowledge of our ancestors in...
    • We find the experience of our ancestors in...
  • Naming the Land
  • Markers on the Land
  • Our Origins
    • Archaeology
      • At the Edge of the Ice
      • As the World Took Its Present Form
      • Origin Stories
        • Sky Woman
      • Wealth of Stories
        • Why the Porcupine has Quills (Anishnaabe)
        • The Bear Mother
        • Mishebeshu (Ojibwa)
        • A Horned Serpent

An Ancient Bond with the Land

  • Arctic Whalers
  • Communal Hunters
  • Maritime Peoples
    • The Aboriginal Peoples of Atlantic Canada
    • A Time of Plenty
    • Bountiful Land and Sea
    • A Time of Sharing
    • A Time of Scarcity
    • Inland Pursuits
    • Winter Travel
    • Maritime People Today
  • People of the Longhouse
    • "This Old Island"
    • The Forest and the Clearing
    • The Forest
    • Changing Human-Plant Relationships
    • The Clearing
    • The People of Longhouses
    • The Longhouse as a Home
    • The Longhouse as a Household
    • Pottery: Learning from Our Mothers
    • Clans and Clan Mothers
    • Women's Influence on the Men's World
    • Keeping the Fire Burning
  • Trade Fairs
    • Many Kinds of Exchange
    • A Mandan-Assiniboine Example
    • A Festive Occasion
    • A Well-Orchestrated Event
    • Ceremonial Trading
    • Meeting Distant Peoples
    • Private Trading
    • Entertainment
    • Trade Today

Arrival of Strangers- The Last 500 Years

  • Early Relations
    • Alliances during the Fur Trade Period
    • Middlemen and Trappers
    • Explorations: Assistance and Resistance
    • Population and Ideintity
  • The Métis
    • Diversity
    • Economy
  • Beliefs
    • Conversion
    • New Symbols and a Changing Landscape
    • Residential Schools
    • Agriculture versus Traditional Lifeways
    • Retention of Traditional Beliefs
    • The Innu Land, Nitassinan, and the Innu Drum
  • Intergovernmental Relations
    • Alliances
    • Treaties
    • Legislation
    • Reserves and Other Communities
  • Economy
    • Trapping
    • Farming
    • High-Steel Workers
    • Canneries
    • Crafts and Cottage Industries
    • Retention of Traditional Practices
  • Social Gatherings
    • Religious Gatherings
    • Competitions and Gambling
    • Pow-wows, Rodeos, and Ranching
  • Affirmation
    • Veterans
    • Women
    • Politics and Law
    • Humor
  • Art
    • Art as an Expression of the Group
    • Art as an Expression of the Individual Self


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