Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Black and Red and White Like Me: Natives Know Too Many Rachel Dolezals

June 19, 2015.
Mary Annette Pember, of Indian Country Today, has written a detailed article about some of the cultural misrepresentation and appropriation faced by 
federally recognized American Indian Nations.

" “Playing Indian” is so common that most Native peoples have grown inured to the cringe-inducing spectacle of white folks doing ungainly dances at hobby powwows all over the world. Not all participants at these events claim Native ancestry – many just want to be Indian for a day.

There are more and more individuals and groups, however, claiming Native heritage in order to reap benefits, either professional or monetary. Many of these imposters also present themselves to the general public as authorities and spokespeople for Native peoples. These practices are a line in the sand for some Native people like Ben Barnes, Second Chief for the Shawnee tribe of Oklahoma and Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO). He and representatives from other Oklahoma tribes are joining together and taking action."

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