Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Iroquois Indian Museum

"The Iroquois Indian Museum is an educational institution dedicated to fostering understanding of Iroquois culture using Iroquois art as a window to that culture. The Museum is a venue for promoting Iroquois art and artists, and a meeting place for all peoples to celebrate Iroquois culture and diversity. As an anthropological institution, it is informed by research on archaeology, history, and the common creative spirit of modern artists and craftspeople."

324 Caverns Road
Howes Cave, NY 12092

  • Contemporary Collection
  • Historical Collection
  • Archaeological Collection
  • Extended Classroom School Programs
    • Introduction to the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) 
      • Grades 4-12
    • Nature Trail Walks (weather permitting)
      • Grades 4-7
    • Three Sisters Garden (Fall)
      • Grades PreK-12
    • Corn Husk Doll Making (No Face Doll)
      • Grades 3-12
    • Beadworking Workshop
      • Grades 3-12
    • Traditional Native American Storytelling
      • Grades PreK-12
    • Tools of the Hunt
      • Grades 4-12
  • Online Resources
    • Learning Longhouse
      • "a comprehensive online guide to everything you may wonder about Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) culture."
    • Research Library Catalog
  • Internships
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