Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Living Maya Time: Sun, Corn, and the Calendar

Living Maya Time: Sun, Corn, and the Calendar-National Museum of the American Indian.

"The Maya of Mesoamerica are renowned for their precise calendars 
and their knowledge of astronomy.
Through systematic observations conducted over thousands of years, Maya skywatchers developed complex and accurate calendars that continue to mark agricultural and ceremonial cycles today. Join us in an exploration of the Maya Calendar system and its intricate cycles. Hear the voices of contemporary Maya people as they weave their past and present together, and share with us their living traditions of Maya time."

Available in English and Español.

The Maya
"Today, more than seven million Maya live in their original homelands of Mesoamerica and in countries all over the world. Two thousand years ago, the ancient Maya developed one of the most advanced civilizations in the Americas."
  • Creation Story of the Maya
  • The Maya People
  • The Maya World
  • Connecting Earth and Sky
Maya Sun
  • The Maya and the Sun
  • Sun, Corn, and the Calendar
  • Maya Math Game
  • The Calendar System
  • Maya Calendar Converter
  • Reading the Calendar Glyphs
Corn and Maya Time
  • Corn and Calendar Traditions
  • The Sun Above, The Sun Below
2012: Resetting the Count
  • The Meaning of 2012
  • Maya Opinion of 2012
For Teachers (available in PDF form)
  • Living Maya Time Lotería Game 
  • Let's Multiply- Maya Style!
  • Observing and Tracking Shadows
  • What;'s Moving?
  • Curricula Connections for the Standards of Learning
  • Additional Site Related Resources
  • Images
  • Online Resources
  • Print Resources 
    • for Students
    • for Research
  • Site Glossary (PDF)

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