Wednesday, January 20, 2016

People Roamed Tip of South America 18,500 Years Ago

November 30, 2015.
Bruce Bower, of ScienceNews, has written an interesting article about new radiocarbon dates for Monte Verde, Chile; one of the earliest known sites of human occupation within the Americas.
New finds have been dated to between 18,500 to 17,000 years ago.

"Archaeologists searching for further pre-Clovis sites will need to keep an eye out for simple tools and remnants of small hearths or campfires, Dillehay adds. Remains of Clovis sites, which typically feature separate areas for cooking, toolmaking and other activities, are easier to spot.

The discoveries at Monte Verde “point to a new kind of site that needs much more study” to understand when people first reached the Americas, remarks archaeologist Daniel Sandweiss of the University of Maine in Orono. "

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