Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summer Trip: The Ancient Ohio Trail Route | Dayton Area

The Ancient Ohio Trail Route | Dayton Area

These itineraries suggest many opportunities to extend, deepen, and customize your travel throughout Ohio. Enjoy "early Ohio" sites like historic inns, ancient roads tracing American Indian and settlers pathways, plus canals, historic sites and early industries.

This route consists of six optional sites:
  1. Carillon Historical Park
  2. SunWatch Village
  3. Wright Cycle Shop and Museum
  4. Oregon Historic District
  5. Wright Memorial (Mounds)
  6. Huffman Prairie
The Ancient Ohio Trail
For more information, visit: The Ancient Ohio Trail.

The Dayton Aviation Sites, a tentative UNESCO World Heritage Nomination,
 are close by if you want to add it to your trip!

For more information about UNESCO World Heritage, 
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