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Lakota Winter Counts Online Exhibit

Lakota Winter Counts Online Exhibition.

"The Lakota marked the passage of time by drawing pictures of memorable events on calendars known as winter counts. This online exhibit features a searchable database of Smithsonian winter count images, a documentary about Lakota history and culture, video interviews with Lakota people with personal connections to the winter-count-keeping tradition, and a Teachers' Guide."

About This Exhibit
"This online exhibit was created in response to requests from Lakota educators and community members to make primary source materials in Smithsonian collections available online for Lakota researching their cultural heritage. It is based on consultations that Candace Greene and Christina Burke held in a series of Lakota communities in 2002 as they were preparing a book called The Year the Stars Fell: Lakota Winter Counts at the Smithsonian ...

The winter counts are from the Smithsonian's National Anthropological Archives and National Museum of the American Indian. The commentary that accompanies the individual winter count years was provided by Lakota winter count keepers or, in the case of the Rosebud Winter Count, by Russell Thornton. For the most part, these comments and explanations have come to the Smithsonian through a series of interpreters and intermediaries whose words are faithfully presented here as primary sources. Their usage, grammar, and spelling reflect the knowledge and attitudes of the period when they were written...."

View Winter Counts
  • Overview
    • By Year and Author
      • 1701-1903
      • American Horse, Battiste Good, Cloud Shield, Flame, Lone Dog, Long Soldier, Rosebud, Swan, Major Bush, No Ears
  • Artifact
  • Entry
    • Name of the Year
    • Collector's Note
  • Search Results
    • Plants and Animals
    • Ceremonies
    • Health
    • Trade Goods
    • Places
    • People
    • US Government
    • The Sky
  • My Winter Counts
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What Are Winter Counts?
  • Winter Count Overview
    • Counting by Winters
    • Winter Count Keepers
    • Pictures and Materials
  • Lakota Comments
    • Robert Gipp
    • Wilbur Flying By
    • Pepper Young
    • Phylis Young
    • Tipizi Young
    • Steve Emery
Who Are the Lakota?
  • Historical Overview (Audio)
    • The Lakota
    • Sioux People
    • Lakota/Teton
    • Minnesota Origins
    • Westard Migration
    • Horses and Guns
    • Conflicts
    • Treaties
    • Great Sioux Reservation
    • Land Cession
  • Contemporary Perspectives
    • Commentary
      • Robert Gipp
      • Pepper Young
      • Phylis Young
      • Tipizi Young
      • Steve Emery
      • Wilbur Flying By
  • Environment
  • Social Structure
Learning Resources

  • Teachers' Guide
    • "created to help you incorporate Lakota winter counts into your curriculum. It includes relevant background information, visual material, topic suggestions, sample lesson plans and resource lists, along with instructions on navigating the Lakota winter count online exhibit. Before using this material, please review the guidelines for teaching culturally sensitive material, developed by the Department of Anthropology of the National Museum of Natural History. The Teachers' Guide includes a glossary with definitions for anthropological terms and Lakota words. The Audio Glossary in the online exhibit provides pronunciation for Lakota terms."
    • Download the Entire Guide (2MB)
      • What are Winter Counts
      • Using the Online Exhibit
      • Cultural Considerations
      • In the Curriculum
      • Lesson Plans
      • Who Are the Lakota?
      • The Smithsonian Collection
      • Glossary
      • Bibliography
      • Downladable Images
      • The Winter Counts
  • Bibliography
  • Additional Sources
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