Thursday, December 29, 2016

Holidays Heads Up

Even though our blog is off hiatus you may have noticed we have not been posting much. A variety of factors have decreased a few of our project timelines and as such I have been reading copious amounts of reference material but have not had as much time for exploratory research. ­čśî I hope you will check out our Facebook Page  for current news updates, and remember to visit our Youtube Channel which hosts a few of our past lectures!

Right now I am in the depths of reading UNESCO World Heritage nominations and summarizing my findings. The Newark Earthworks Center, as a member of the World Heritage Ohio Executive Planning Committee, wants to create the best World Heritage nominations possible for Ohio's Hopewell Ceremonial Sites and Serpent Mound to ease the creation of outstanding outreach and management plans.

So Interim Director Marti Chaatsmith and I are reading nominations to discover to what degree descendant communities are incorporated in the management of their cultural sites, how that could be extended further, and referencing the dossiers against current management plans, educational materials, and online presence. We will resume posting as soon as we can.

Best Wishes and Happy Holidays,
-Megan Cromwell.

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