Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Who Built Serpent Mound?

CERHAS rendering of Serpent Mound
CERHAS rendering of Serpent Mound
Dr. Brad Lepper, of the Ohio Historical Society Archaeological Blog, has written an interesting post about the controversy for the date of construction of Serpent Mound.

"Just about everyone agrees that the mound does, indeed, represent a gigantic serpent, but beyond that the answers to even basic questions, such as who built it, still are being debated."
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September 13, 2013

Daniel Weintraub & Kevin R. Schwarz have recently written an informative paper about recent excavations at Serpent Mound entitled "Long Shadows Over the Valley: Findings from ASC Group's Excavations at Serpent Mound State Memorial".

"In 2011, ASC Group, Inc. (ASC), a Cultural Resource Management (CRM) firm headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, conducted excavations of an area southeast of Serpent Mound and in close proximity to a large conical mound. Headed by principal investigator Kevin Schwarz, the dig represented one of just a handful of archaeological investigations at Serpent Mound State Memorial since Harvard’s Frederic Ward Putnam conducted the initial excavations at Serpent Mound in the late 1880s.
-Ohio Archaeological Council

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