Friday, January 3, 2014

Newark Holy Stones

Jeff Gill, guest blogger for the Ohio Historical Society Archaeological Blog, has two recent posts about the origin and legitimacy of the Newark Holy Stones.

December 15, 2013.
"The Holy Stones have continued, in the face of this and other objections, to have their fans; in every generation since 1860, they've been enlisted to serve one view or another of one group or another’s agenda about the historical narrative, scientific paradigms, or various cultural perspectives. "

December, 16, 2013.
"For a New World discovery to have a credible Hebrew inscription, antiquarians in 1860 said, it should be in a square, stonecarving-suitable hand (not the serifs and curlicues of typography), with a text that points more at Jewish religious practice than the suspiciously Masonic shape and sense of the Keystone."

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