Monday, March 10, 2014

Help Save the Junction Group Earthworks!

Squire and Davis map of the Junction Group Earthworks, Ross County, OH. 1848.
Squire and Davis map of the Junction Group Earthworks, Ross County, OH. 1848.
The Heartland Earthworks Conservancy is partnering with several organizations including The Archaeological Conservancy, Friends of Serpent Mound, and the South Central Ohio Preservation Society (SCOPS) to buy the Junction Group Earthworks in the March 18th auction. Their goal is to preserve the Junction Group Earthworks, included in Parcel 1, for ultimate preservation and opening the site to the public. 

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For more information, email the Heartland Earthworks Conservancy Director Bruce Lombardo,
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"The Junction Group is a Native American earthwork complex in Ross County, Ohio located on a terrace overlooking Paint Creek just southwest of the town of Chillicothe. The site was built approximately 1800-2000 years ago. It belongs to a select class of earthwork sites consisting of numerous small geometric enclosures and is perhaps the best preserved of these sites....Like most earthwork sites in Ohio, the Junction Group was a ceremonial center. As part burial ground, gathering place, and sacred space, the earthworks at Junction Group served as the local hub for many of the same functions that we today ascribe to cemeteries, churches, community activity buildings, and perhaps even local government centers. As important as they were to the families and community(s) who used them, the earthworks at Junction were not the site of every-day life, rather they were places that people visited for special occasions. They might also have hosted pilgrims from far away..."
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