Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Archaeological Channel- Exploring the human cultural heritage through streaming media

"Exploring the human cultural heritage through streaming media"

"Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI) is an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt (501[c][3]), research and education corporation registered in Oregon in 1999. Recognizing that the archaeological record is the legacy of all human beings and dedicated to bringing the benefits of archaeology to a wider constituency...The mission of ALI is to develop ways to make archaeology more effective both in gathering important information about past human lifeways and in delivering that information to the public and the profession. A fundamental postulate is that archaeology has important messages to deliver accurately and completely to people worldwide about our origins and development as a species and that among these messages are those about mistakes we have made in the past and must not make in the future. In essence, ALI is devoted to archaeological research and its contributions to science and to humanity. In the furtherance of this mission, ALI, its associates, and its employees adhere to the Principles of Archaeological Ethics promulgated by the Society for American Archaeology."



  • Audio News from Archaeologica
    • "The news of the week in audio, compiled from daily news updates gathered by the news site Archaeologica."
  • Audio Interviews
    • Caral: Oldest City in the New World; an interview with Dr. Ruth Shady
      • "The Project Director of research at Caral, Peru, discusses her perspectives on this enormous city built at the same time as the pyramids in Egypt."
  • Audio Commentaries
  • Wisdom of the Elders
    • "One-hour Native American cultural magazine radio programs offering a rich tapestry of oral history and storytelling from indigenous elders along with special features on health and healing, grandmother’s culture, and music—both traditional and contemporary."
  • Indiana Jones: Myth, Reality, and 21st Century Archaeology
    • "A one hour weekly audio show from Dr. Schuldenrein exploring myths surrounding the often misunderstood field of archaeology."


  • Audio News from Archaeologica

  • Events


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