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Bowling Green State University Library Collections

Bowling Green State University Libraries

"The primary mission of the CAC [Center for Archival Collections at Bowling Green State University] is to actively acquire, preserve, and make accessible to researchers historical materials in Northwest Ohio, Historical Collections of the Great Lakes, University Archives, Rare Books & Special Collections, and the National Student Affairs Archives. Emphasis is placed on local history, Great Lakes maritime history, women's history, the Civil War, education, and all aspects of the social, cultural, economic, and industrial history of northwest Ohio. "

Bowling Green State University's Library contains
 many items of interest for Ohio and Great Lakes history. 
These include:
  • MS 193 mf- Thelma R. Marsh Collection
    • "consists of over seven hundred index cards containing such information as birth, marriage and death dates of members of the Wyandot tribe from the Upper Sandusky area. Some vital statistics date as early as 1795."
  • MS 194 mf- Kenneth Smith Collection
    • "consists of approximately ten thousand index cards containing such information as birth, marriage and death dates of members of Native American tribes found in Northwest Ohio who later moved west to Oklahoma and Kansas. Vital statistics date as early as 1724. The series of cards was researched by Kenneth Smith over a period of many years. The Wyandot tribe was the first to be completed, followed by other Northwest Ohio tribes. "

  • MMS 244 mf- Bureau of Indian Affairs. Ohio Agency
    • "1824-1881. Correspondence received by the Bureau of Indian Affairs from government agents, native peoples, and settlers dealing with the daily lives of native peoples and tribal relations with individuals and the federal government."
  • MMS 567- Florence Blackford
    • "A collection of newspaper articles dealing with people and places of historical interest in Hancock County, Ohio. Includes recollections of meetings between native peoples and settlers and early findings at archeological sites."
  • MMS 1062- Paul Kostyu
    • "Research notes compiled by Dr. Paul Kostyu for an article on Indian land claims in Adams Township, Seneca County, Ohio."
  • MMS 1730- John Shelby
    • "Journal, 1832. Resident of Logan County, Ohio, appointed Assistant Conductor of Indians for the removal of the Shawnee from Ohio in 1832. Photocopy of appointment letter, and typed transcription of journal, documenting the removal of the Shawnee Indians to Indian Territory in 1832."
  • MS 84- Once Upon a Time in Ohio Radio Scripts
    • "radio scripts for a series of juvenile programs on Ohio history, co-produced by the Ohio State University Radio (WOSU) and the Ohio Historical Society."
    • Box 2, Folder 47: "Blackhoof, Shawnee Chieftain", Oct. 17, 1960
    • Box 2, Folder 57: "Joseph Brant, Friend or Foe of the White Man", Oct. 9, 1959
    • Box 5, Folder 167: "Expulsion of the Indians", Nov. 18, 1952
    • Box 6, Folder 191: "Tecumseh and Rebecca Galloway", Nov. 15, 1955
    • Box 6, Folder 211: "Greenville Treaty", Aug. 1, 1945
    • Box 7, Folder 232: "Issac Harvey, Quaker Missionary to the Indians", Mar. 28, 1950
    • Box 7, Folder 252: "Indian Justice", Nov. 2, 1954
    • Box 7, Folder 253: "Through Indian Territory", May 8, 1961
    • Box 7, Folder 254: "Life in an Indian Village", Jan. 20, 1948
    • Box 7, Folder 255: "Indians in Ohio", Oct. 1, 1941
    • Box 8, Folder 283: "Chief Leatherlips: Peace Envoy 1800", Nov 6, 1945 & Oct. 16, 1956
    • Box 8, Folder 292: "Chief Little Turtle", Nov. 1, 1955
    • Box 9, Folder 359: "Ottawa Indian Justice", Oct. 26, 1959
    • Box 10, Folder 393: "Prehistoric Blueprint: Story of Circleville", Oct. 16, 1945
    • Box 10, Folder 394: "Prehistoric Ohio", Oct. 7, 1952
    • Box 11, Folder 454: "Jedidiah Smith and the Early Fur Trade", Oct. 7, 1968
    • Box 11, Folder 458: "Mother Solomon, Last of the Wyandots", Apr. 20, 1954
    • Box 11, Folder 477: "Tecumseh and the Prophet", Apr. 19, 1949
    • Box 12, Folder 487: "Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too", Oct. 26, 1964
    • Box 13, Folder 541: "Removal of the Wyandots", Jan 21, 1963
    • Box 13, Folder 543: "Wyandot Legends", Jan 29, 1952
    • Box 13, Folder 544: "Between-the-Logs: Founding of the Wyandot Mission", Jan. 29, 1946
  • GLMS 9- Sault Sainte Marie Collection, Port Mackinac Paper
    • "composed of shipping documents from the Sault Ste. Marie area and nearby ports from 1802-1866. Among these documents are shipping manifests, clearance documents, bills of sale, enrolment bonds, Treasury Department circulars to custom collectors at the Port of Sault Ste. Marie and nearby ports, and personal and business correspondence...Throughout this earlier period of documentation lie significant portions of documentation that dealt with the American Fur Company. A majority of shipping manifests, from small hand- written pieces of parchment for canoe-sized craft to printed manifests for more substantial vessels, listed the cargo these ships carried for the firm.After the United States solidified control of the region after the War of 1812, a significant portion of business documentation, correspondence, and shipping documentation belong to the personal papers of three prominent individuals in the Sault Ste Marie region, Peter B. Barbeau, Myron W. Scranton, and George Johnston. The former two individuals were prominent businessmen, the latter was an Indian agent in the area and eventual governor of Michigan. The documents of Peter B. Barbeau and Myron Scranton are a useful supplement to the researcher concerned with business and economic documentation associated with Sault Ste. Marie in the nineteenth Century. The documents of George Johnston are equally useful to researchers concerned with Indian Affairs in the Lake Superior region."

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