Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Buffalo Bill Center of the West Online Collections

"With our five museums and research library, we house and exhibit thousands of objects—from the common-place to the extraordinary—representing aspects of the American West.

Here in our online collections database, we include every object for which we have a photograph. As you'll find out during your explorations, for many of our objects, we have a lot of good information—for others the information is rather sparse. We know these records are not perfect! Do you know something about a particular object that we don't? Please leave a comment to share your own knowledge with us.

Which objects speak to you? Explore our collections here! You can even create your own virtual "exhibit" of objects and view those of other visitors."
-Buffalo Bill Center of the West.

Video is Courtesy of the Buffalo Bill Center of the West
Cody, Wyoming.

Within the Buffalo Bill Center of the West's collections 
are many which are connected to Great Lakes history. 
Of these include:

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