Monday, January 5, 2015

6,000 Year Old Stonehenge Encampment Find Sparks Tunnel Row

Image Courtesy of AP and The
Image Courtesy of AP and The Telegraph.
December 19, 2014.
Sarah Knapton, of The Telegraph, has written a short article about the recent discovery of a Mesolithic campsite within the boundaries of the Stonehenge World Heritage site which would be destroyed by the proposed AO3 tunnel.

"Charcoal dug up from the ‘Blick Mead’ encampment, a mile and a half from Stonehenge, dates from around 4,000 BC. It is thought the site was originally occupied by hunter gatherers returning to Britain after the Ice Age, when the country was still connected to the continent.
Experts say the discovery could re-write history in prehistoric Britain."

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December 19, 2014.
"The dig has also unearthed evidence of possible structures in the only untouched Mesolithic landscape in the Stonehenge World Heritage Site.
There is also evidence of feasting, including burnt flints and remains of giant bulls, called aurochs, eaten by early hunter gatherers, as well as tools."

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