Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hopewell Moon

January 5, 2014.
Brad Lepper, of the Ohio History Connection Archaeology Blog, has written a brief introductory post for an informative post about the Minor Lunar Standstill astronomical alignment 
of the Newark Earthworks  written by Bob Neinast of Ahcuah.

"The main axis of the Octagon (with its attached circle) is perfectly aligned with the Major Lunar Standstill moonrise. That happened a little less than 9 years ago, in 2006.
But if you've been paying attention, you’ll realize that means that we are approaching the Minor Lunar Standstill. And we are. The full Minor Lunar Standstill occurs in October, but it is a Standstill. That means that things are really close even right now.
And that means that we can go to the Great Circle and observe it, which is what I did on New Year’s Eve. The moon ought to rise through the opening of the Great Circle during the Minor Lunar Standstill."

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