Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Unearthing the Past: Mound Excavation Concludes

Image Courtesy of Stephanie Stanley and The Pike County News Watchman.
"Jarrod Burks, president of Heartland Earthworks Conservancy
and leader of the excavation at the future Guernsey Crossing development site
in Chillicothe, surveys an area where a 2,000 year-old mound was found.
The site will be mapped for future reference."
Image Courtesy of Stephanie Stanley and The Pike County News Watchman
February, 6, 2015.
Stephanie Stanley, of The Pike County News Watchman, has written an informative article about the recent archaeological excavation of a Ross County mound which would otherwise have been destroyed by development.

"When investigating an earthworks site, Burks says he and fellow archaeologists don’t leave evidence of their work behind and strive to leave a minimal impact on the land while gathering the maximum amount of data.
“In Ohio, the property owner has the final say as to what they want to do with a mound or earthwork located on their private property. At the same time, there can be perks to owning a mound or earthwork and the state does have programs in place that allow property owners to receive a potential tax benefit if they allow a conservation easement on their property,” said Burks. “We try to encourage land owners to get in touch with an organization such as ours to explore their options. There are many ways to be good stewards of mounds and earthworks.”
In the future, the Heartland Earthworks Conservancy hopes to start a group for local owners of earthwork sites in an effort to promote conservation and preservation."

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