Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Map Play 4 Kids

Osher Map Library MaPlay 4 kids

"OML staff and students prepare and offer a variety of educational materials for the K-12 groups, including MapPlay, a website geared for students grades 3 through 8. "


  • Introduction to Maps for Young Students

History Trivia

  • Empires and Colonialism
  • United States and North America


  • Continents of the World
  • Countries of North & South America
  • United States #1-5


  • Try to reconstruct a map in the least number of moves


  • Lesson Themes
  • Contact Information


  • Digital Map Creator
  • Winning Maps of the Junior Cartographers Mapmaking Contest
  • Geography Games
  • Historic Maps
  • Modern Maps
  • Historical Events Mapped
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