Thursday, March 5, 2015

Northern Minnesota Burial Mound May Reopen to the Public

Grand Mound. Image Courtesy of
Grand Mound. Image Courtesy of
February, 16, 2015.
Liz Kaczke, of the Forum News Service and published through, has written a lengthy article about the Minnesota Historical Society's plans to reopen the Grand Mound site for public visitation.

"The concern about Grand Mound as a burial ground still exists, Jones said, but there's growing interest in using the site -- with the involvement of Minnesota's Native American communities and possibly in conjunction with a historical center at burial mounds across the river in Ontario -- to tell the story of the people who built the mounds and lived in the area centuries ago.....Grand Mound's location at the confluence of the Big Fork and Rainy rivers was a meeting place for centuries. Grand Mound and Manitou Mounds -- across the Rainy River in Ontario -- both were created by a group now called the Laurel Indians when an international border didn't cut in between.

"Indigenous peoples from the region converged on this spot where the great sturgeon spawned. Here they set up camps to trade, socialize, feast and conduct ceremonies. And here they buried their dead," stated a 2007 Minnesota Historical Society report to the state Legislature.
The Laurel Indians' use of the location dates back to about 200 BC. Following the Laurel Indians -- of which much remains unknown -- the site was used by the Blackduck people. It's estimated Grand Mound was created and used from about 200 BC to 1400 AD."

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