Friday, September 25, 2015

'Super Stonehenge': Super circle of stones surround existing monument

The Stonehenge Hidden Landscapes Project reveals traces of standing stones
beneath Durrington Walls super-henge.
Image Courtesy of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute and ScenceDaily.
September, 7, 2015.
ScienceDaily, has written a informative summary article about the recent discovery of traces from standing stones beneath the Durrington Walls supre-henge. Durrington Walls is a large Neolithic settlement within the Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated sites UNESCO World Heritage site,
it is located 2 miles northeast of Stonehenge.

"This new discovery has significant implications for our understanding of Stonehenge and its landscape setting. The earthwork enclosure at Durrington Walls was built about a century after the Stonehenge sarsen circle (in the 27th century BC), but the new stone row could well be contemporary with or earlier than this. Not only does this new evidence demonstrate an early phase of monumental architecture at one of the greatest ceremonial sites in prehistoric Europe, it also raises significant questions about the landscape the builders of Stonehenge inhabited and how they changed this with new monument-building during the 3rd millennium BC."

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