Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Native American Heritage Month

Image Courtesy of Michael Furman and Indian Country Today.
Image Courtesy of Michael Furman and Indian Country Today.
November, 11, 2015.
Sarah Sunshine Manning, of Indian Country Today, has written an important article about
six different ways that educators and parents can celebrate
Native American Heritage Month.

"In general, bear in mind that popular American consciousness regarding Native American people has suffered from generations of historical omissions and pervasive stereotypes. Your work as a parent and educator in planting the seeds of consciousness within the minds of children is not only valuable to their individual educational process, but moreover, the lessons you teach pertaining to Native Americans contributes to a larger understanding of the Native American experience, as well as an understanding of greater human diversity."

To read the full articleclick here.

Remember Today is The Ohio State University's 
Alternate Thanksgiving!

"Hosted by the SLMCC and the American Indian Council, Alternative Thanksgiving is an open social and political alternative event to the Thanksgiving national holiday. Native American students and allies are invited to learn about the history and traditions of Native American and Indigenous peoples prior to European contact. This year will feature a performance from Sage Bond, a singer song-writer from the Navajo Nation who performs acoustic rock and metal music.

Please RSVP at: go.osu.edu/alternative15.

5.30 PM

Columbus, OH 43210

For more information, visit: Native American Heritage Month Events, 
The Ohio State University Multicultural Center."

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