Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Mounds-America's First Cities Project

October, 31, 2015.
Suzanne Kutterer-Siburt, guest post on the Prehistoric Earthworks of the Mississippi Valley Blog, has written a brief informative post about the efforts to designate Cahokia Mounds as a National Park or Monument in addition to its status as an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

"The project is in the process of being submitted to Congress and the National Parks Service for consideration to pass a bill Elevating the National Status of Cahokia Mounds and thematically-connected Mound Complexes deemed significant and in public ownership as a non-contiguous National Historical Park and/or, alternatively, calls upon President Barack Obama to exercise his authority by executive order to designate Cahokia Mounds as a National Monument. The Mounds – America’s First Cities project covers both the Greater St Louis and Illinois Metro East area. "

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