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BART: Bias Assessment and Response Team

"BART is a resource for anyone who needs to report an incident of bias or wants to explore and better understand issues like bias and discrimination, and how to effectively respond.

Reporting allows us to best assist those in need, track patterns of bias and create educational interventions to help improve our campus' climate.

Our website is designed as a central, online clearinghouse for you to report an incident. Likewise, it has many links to campus and community resources, to better equip you with getting help after a bias incident.

We know that in order to create change, we must be aware of what is occurring on campus and be transparent about it. Whatever your reason for visiting this site, we hope that you leave with the understanding that we are a resource and strive to ensure that The Ohio State University is a diverse and welcoming community for all.

What is the Purpose of BART?

BART receives, monitors, refers, and as necessary, coordinates university responses to hate and bias-related incidents that impact all or a significant portion of the university community. Incidents may involve bias or hate as a result of age, ancestry, color, disability, gender identity or expression, genetic information, HIV/AIDS status, military status, national origin, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or veteran status.

BART is not intended to replace or subordinate any existing processes for reporting and addressing acts of discrimination, harassment, or violence, including but not limited to, processes of the Office of Human Resources, OSU Police, and Office of Student Conduct."

Report a Bias Incident
  • What is a Bias Incident?
  • What is a Hate Crime?
  • What if I am the Victim of Bias?
  • Contact Any of the Following:
    • Columbus Campus
      • ASA Coordinator's Office
      • Counseling and Consultation Service
      • Multicultural Center
      • Disability Services
      • Office of Human Resources
      • Office of Diversity and Inclusion
      • Student Advocacy Center
      • Student Health Services
      • Student Conduct
      • Student Wellness Center
      • Residence Life
      • University Police
    • Smaller Campuses
      • ATI/Wooster
      • OSU Lima
      • OSU Mansfield
      • OSU Marion
      • OSU Newark
  • What if I am the Victim of a Crime?
Bias Response Tools
  • Guest Articles
    • How OSU Police respond to incidents of bias or intimidation (PDF)
  • Open Doors Ally Building and Anti-Bias Program
    • 1: Understanding: Identifying and Interrupting Bias
    • 2: Awareness: Sharing Identities/Empathetic Listening
    • 3: Action: Working with Persons in Distress
Campus & Community Resources
  • Student Life Resources
    • Counseling and Consultation Service
    • Multicultural Center
    • Disability Services
    • Ohio Union and Student Activities
    • Student Advocacy
    • Student Conduct
    • Residence Life
  • Other OSU Resources
    • Council of Graduate Students Diversity Committee
    • Diversity at Ohio State
    • Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity
    • Office of Diversity and Inclusion
    • Office of International Affairs
    • Office of Veteran's Affairs
    • Ohio State ADA Coordinator
    • The Graduate School
    • The Women's Place
    • Undergraduate Government Diversity Committee
    • University Diversity Council
  • Community Resources
    • Columbus Community Relations Commission
    • Ohio Civil Rights Commission
  • National Resources
    • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Learn More about How to Get Involved
Policies & Reports
  • University Policies
  • BART Publications and Reports
    • Bias-Re;ated Incident Summary Fall Report for Academic Year (PDF)
      • 2008-2013
      • 2012-2013
      • 2011-2012
      • 2010-2011
      • September 2009 - June 2010
  • Related Reports
    • 2013 Safety and Security Report
    • International Undergraduate Student Experience: Inside and Outside the Classroom (2013)
    • Campus Climate: Findings from the 2012 Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership (2012)
    • Diversity Action Plan
    History of BART
    • BART Team's Charge (approved by President's Cabinet)
    • About Us
    • Who are the BART First Responders?
    • Who are the BART Secondary Responders?
    • Who are BART Ex-Officio Responders?
    • Who are Supplemental BART Team Members?
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